Create Your Facility Action Plan

Does your facility fully support your ministry vision? Or does its age, layout and maintenance create barriers instead?

Mountain West Architects understands that the way we worship is changing rapidly – and this means older facilities may actually be creating ministry barriers. We have partnered with over 150 churches and non-profits to help them understand these ministry barriers, plan ahead for the future and execute the necessary steps to achieve their vision!

Every facility project requires careful planning – which means you’ll need a comprehensive plan as unique as your ministry vision. You can take these two simple steps today to begin a facility action plan as unique as your ministry.

Plan > Consult > Launch
a first step for your ministry

The MWA Plan > Consult > Launch is a quick and informal meeting where you can share your ministry vision and discuss your ministry barriers with us. This complimentary meeting allows your team to get to know us and our passion for ministry. We understand you and your leadership team are busy – that’s why we come to you! No need to pack up and waste a day traveling to a seminar that may or may not speak to your needs.

Your PCL meeting agenda will be based on your current needs. Popular discussion topics include transforming existing facilities, securing financing, cultivating donors, pursuing expansion options, purchasing land, updating technology or building systems.

  • Targeted focus saves time over standard building seminars
  • Individual on-site meeting conveniently scheduled
  • PCL panel is customized based on your current needs

Schedule your on-site, in-person plan>consult>launch (PCL) meeting today. Following your plan>consult>launch (PCL) meeting, you’ll have a clear roadmap to begin your Next Step > Master Plan.

Next Step > Master Plan
the second step for your ministry

After the PCL meeting comes the Next Step >Master Plan. The cornerstone of this phase is an intense 3-day design session that includes your key stakeholders at times that fit their lives. During this process we will bring our team and respective experts in to listen to your team and then translate your vision into concepts and drawings.

Each day these concepts will be refined and ideas will be tested until we have a single, well thought-out concept that all of your key players can take ownership of… because they can see their input included and reflected in the plans.

The following program deliverables form the foundation for your fundraising and marketing plans, giving your congregation a clear understanding of what they are supporting.

  • Site Master Plan
  • Floor Plans (including existing buildings)
  • Exterior or Interior Concept Sketches/Elevation
  • Photo Realistic Digital Renderings

The master planning process will give your leadership team the tools it needs to develop a comprehensive facility action plan!

If you have questions or would like more information, call Mark Hilles at 801.388.6052 or email us at today.