Meet Micah Peterson, MWA's newest addition to our talented architectural design team.

MWA Adds Designer to Talented Architectural Lineup

Mountain West Architecture of Ogden, Utah, is proud to announce the addition of Micah Peterson to our team. Micah brings a great balance of interior and exterior construction and design experience on both large and small projects.

With over a decade of involvement in various construction fields, followed by several years in site planning and project management under a landscape architect, Micah rounds out our accomplished team with a wealth of perspective and energy. His high quality renderings and detailed drawings demonstrate his passion for the building industry.

Micah will work closely with Principal, Mark Hilles, AIA, to continue expanding MWA’s extensive portfolio of community, educational, and church design with specialized emphasis on relevant regional architecture.

When Micah’s not hard at work on MWA’s projects, he enjoys getting out and immersing himself in new experiences such as social gatherings like concerts or festivals, traveling, visiting exhibits at museums or exploring new areas in the beautiful wilderness of the mountain west. He loves art and the idea of artistic cross-inspiration. He peruses this interest through photography and graphic design; taking detailed photos of nature reclaiming the footprint of mankind as well as the crumbling infrastructure from the industrial boom of the late 1800s early 1900s are some of his favorite focus. Cooking, especially BBQ, is a passion; you can find his backyard any given weekend, even in the snow, full of smoke and the delicious smell of slow-cooked meats. Backpacking trips are a must in the summer, and Micah enjoys frequenting his favorite spots and finding new ones. Micah believes being out in the wilderness, away from people and all the distractions, is like a hard reset for his mind; it allows him to step back and recognize that he is just a small piece of the picture and that most stresses are trivial.

Mountain West Architecture offers architecturally relevant design and construction solutions to commercial clients specifically in the mountain west region. The company mission is to provide superior regional design services coupled with excellence in client satisfaction. To see more, be sure to check out the firm’s project portfolio.