Studio Tribe Salon – Ogden Utah

Marketing Manager

“an eye for detail”

Working with Kelly was absolutely the best decision I made for my business. Her eye for detail, impeccable style, and level of professionalism made all the difference for me. Kelly met with my contractor, knew exactly where each outlet needed to go and where to hang each light fixture; she thought of the most amazing things that hadn’t even crossed my mind, like light dimmers and the perfect paint color for our ceiling. She took such a load off my shoulders which allowed me to focus and get my business opened more quickly. To be able to have someone who could help me every step of the way was priceless. I’ve been lucky enough to have her work on both of my locations for my salon, and I honestly wouldn’t consider opening another business or building a house without her by my side. I get so many compliments on our space and I owe it all to Kelly.