Mountain West Architecture offers a complete tier of Architectural Design services your organization needs to ensure success for your project.  We offer the experience and maturity to comprehensively advise and implement all factors influencing project success.  It is our goal on every project to exceed your expectations!  We believe our client reference list reflects this.


At Mountain West Architecture we believe that successful projects start with expert council prior to any lines going on paper.  We also want you to spend enough time with us to know we’re the right fit for your project. We’re prepared to thoroughly review specifics with your organization before a contract is considered. We make sure that all of the key decisions (finances, organizational health, site selection and budgetary constraints) have been explored and understood. Once we have a mutual understanding of your project components – then we’re ready for design! Feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you with the feedback you need to get going in the right direction!


  • PHASE 1: Plan > Consult > Launch (PCL) Complimentary
  • PHASE 2: Preliminary Design Services
    • Programming
    • Schematic Design – the conceptual design process
    • Design Development – design refinement & estimating phase
  • PHASE 3: Construction Documents
  • PHASE 4: Permitting
  • PHASE 5: Construction Administration


Each proposed project should be in control of the “big picture” of a particular site.  Most organizations are in need of Master Planning.  The leadership of your organization must understand the opportunities presented with any site. Those organizations that plunge into a building project without Master Planning often make short-sighted decisions in the development of their site. Too often, the development of a site is done backwards, and the placement of buildings and site features don’t efficiently accommodate future growth. We often find our design process correcting uninformed earlier decisions made by ill-advised planning.

We encourage you to visit with us about the adequacy of your Master Planning prior to moving forward.


The ability to convey a vision often makes or breaks a project. MWA’s graphics are unsurpassed in the industry. We utilize state of the art software and highly talented designers to develop our graphics. Services include:

  • Project Renderings
  • Project Animations
  • Video Testimonials
  • Capital Campaign Videos
  • Project Presentations
  • Printed Promotional Graphics

We take the time to fully understand your needs and then develop strategies to effectively reach your audience!


Many organizations desire additional representation during the design & construction process. Often organizations will get into a building project and recognize they need the highest degree of experienced representation. MWA offers this service to organizations wanting an experienced professional to oversee all aspects of the Design & Construction process. MWA’s ability to advise, facilitate and partner with designers and contractors is invaluable. Our job is to look after your best interests!