Church Architects

Mountain West Architecture (MWA) holds many years of experience in working with a hundred plus church ministries. We focus on two things: Preparation and Execution. We bring with us the experience to partner with you to assess a vision and offer an array of design solutions. Once your team feels prepared, then the design services have the proper direction for MWA to execute the very best solutions possible.


We have a simple approach to an inherently complex process. The outline of services involve 6 phases:

  • PHASE 1: Plan > Consult > Launch (PCL) – Complimentary
  • PHASE 2: Preliminary Design Services
    • Programming
    • Schematic Design – the conceptual design process
    • Design Development – design refinement and estimating
  • PHASE 3: Construction Documents
  • PHASE 4: Permitting
  • PHASE 5: Construction Administration
  • PHASE 6: Building Commissioning


During this introductory phase you will have access to various tools necessary for your vision to become reality. MWA has alliances with multiple organizations and, as a team, we will assess the need for these services to fulfill your needs. Every project is unique, and MWA believes that a project must be examined comprehensively. All of these elements must be considered, and the need determined, before the design can commence. These services include:

  • Church finances
  • Project feasibility studies
  • Church health direction and options
  • Capital campaign direction and options
  • Technology – audio, visual & lighting consultants
  • Architectural acoustics
  • Site selection support


Our approach to design incorporates unmatched client attention. While the ultimate goal is to create a design solution that is strong and meets the need, the execution is important. MWA will provide you with unparalleled client attention. Unlike many firms, where once the contract is inked, often the attention from principals fade, Mark Hilles is going to be your contact from start to finish. He will have a hands on approach from the conceptual design work, until the final construction punch list item is complete.

Here are some of tools that are included in Mountain West Architecture’s services:

  • Programming all rooms of the new building.
  • Balancing tight budgets
  • The Onsite Design Collaboration & Preliminary Design
  • Accurate and Complete Construction Documents
  • Unique Contractor Selection Process
  • Coordination of Financing & Church Health consultants.
  • Complete Municipal Planning Approval services
  • Sustainability integration
  • Unsurpassed Graphic Presentations
  • Animation Graphic Services
  • Much Patience & Care!!

Mountain West Architecture is the premier church architect in the intermountain west.  Church design is our passion and we have the experience to make your next project or renovation a success.